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In the version of ZWEI on system 29.95 NWS, with microcode 669, on LISP Machine Eight:

I have taken the liberty of making the following changes:
(1) I altered  Where Am I  to print the X position not only
    as the number of characters from the left and the number of
    pixels, but also the number of columns.  In my application
    (making sure a piece of code will fit on a published page),
    this is the most useful figure.  I defined "columns" to be the
    measure used by the INDENT-TO function: the pixel position
    divided by the font-space-width.
(2) I created  Fast Where Am I  which prints the X, Y, and CHAR
    information but no line counts.  The counting of lines in
    a large file significantly slows down  Where Am I  and when
    I am trying to indent a piece of code I may type C-= five
    times in ten seconds---that is, I would if it didn't take
    more than two seconds to respond sometimes.  Also, I put
    Fast Where Am I  on Control-=, leaving  Where Am I  on
    Control-X =.

I recompiled the files COMC and COMTAB on directory NZWEI.