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Suppose that the buffer contains exactly
"To: BUG-zwei
--Text follows this line--
In the version of zwei on system 29.95 NWS, with microcode 669, on LISP Machine Seven:

C-U C-Y seems to get the get the fourth thing on the kill ring, rather than getting the thing at the top of the kill ring leaving point before it (as it has done in EMACS for almost a year)."

and point is at the end (note no CRLF at the end).

Doing M-Q breaks the line starting "In the version ...", which is not
the paragraph that point is inside.  It also creates a CRLF at the end
of the buffer.  The NEXT M-Q breaks the line it is supposed to break.

The bug is in M-H.  When I did M-H with point at the end of the para
before this one, and no CRLF at the end of the line, it marked the first
two lines of the paragraph only.  It did not include the last line
of the paragraph in the region.