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    Date: 21 JUN 1980 2120-EDT
    From: RMS at MIT-AI (Richard M. Stallman)
    I did C-X Altmode to restart a Query Replace.
    It asked me once again for the string to replace.
    This is a bug to begin with, in my opinion; it should
    simply repeat it.  However, I had a vague recollection
    that there was a convenient way to tell it to use the
    same arguments, so I tried to find it.

    It occurred to me that Help might tell me, but Help got an error, that
    NIL had no documentation.
Of course C-X Alt gives you the same string as before, or else it
would be almost useless; it is only a bug in that system which is
already fixed.  The problem with help is exactly the same bug.