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In system 29.95 NWS, with microcode 669, on LISP Machine Nine:

I did C-X Altmode to restart a Query Replace.
It asked me once again for the string to replace.
This is a bug to begin with, in my opinion; it should
simply repeat it.  However, I had a vague recollection
that there was a convenient way to tell it to use the
same arguments, so I tried to find it.

Nothing that was obvious (to me) did it.  If this feature does exist,
the mode line ought to say how to do it.  I tried a few things, none of
which did the trick.

It occurred to me that Help might tell me, but Help got an error, that
NIL had no documentation.

Changing the subject, the way to abort C-X M ought to be C-], not C-G.
And there is still no star in the mode line for a modified buffer.