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In the version of zwei on system 27.93 NWS, with microcode 669, on LISP Machine Twelve:

I've been playing around with the new Ztop mode. It seems to be getting there.
A few problems and suggestions:

Marking a region from elsewhere in the buffer and evaluating it doesn't work; often it
displays the first value twice if there's more than one form. 
The evaluation character isn't defined in a buffer which isn't in ztop mode. I'd recommend
having it evaluate the form back into the ztop buffer, which makes it good for using
multiple windows, one with code, one with top level interaction.
I tried the ZTOP-EVALUATION-PRIN1 feature, which was supposed to make it act
like my ztop. To do this, it should comment out all output, including stuff printed
and interaction with the error handler, as well as the value returned. Also it would
be nice to have a switch *ZTOP-EVALUATION-TERPRI-P controlling whether a new
line appears between successive form-value pairs. Another feature is having
a alternative character that does compiles instead of evaluations. 
Take a look at my implementation for code which implements all this stuff, 
and other features, which you should be able to steal relatively straightforwardly.
I will volunteer some hacking labor to fix it up if you like.