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    Moon@MIT-AI 04/29/80 15:38:17 Re: Blown-out idea
    The save-kill-unmod menu you added to the editor recently should have a 4th column,
    window.  Initially all buffers in exposed windows should be marked, but you can mark
    others.  This can be used to select buffers and to set up 2-window displays.
    I'm not sure whether it is best to have 2 columns, for 2-window mode only, to
    have one column which allows multiple marks in it, to have a way of adding more
    columns by pushing at the right edge with the mouse, or what.  But anyway there
    should be a quick way to set up multiple buffers in multiple windows through this
    kind of pointing mechanism.
I have implemented a cross between split screen via menus and c-x 4, which seems to
be closer to the right thing, as well as more general.