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In the version of ZWEI on system 27.82 nws, with microcode 666, on LISP Machine Six:

(a) I would much repfer to have the "bump-a-line" mouse-sensitive region
of the top and bottom borders be at the center of the borders rather
than at the right.  The problem is that when I scoot the mouse down to the
lower right-hand corner to get rid of it for a while, the buffer gets bumped.
I know it won't if I move it fast, but when moving it down to that corner I
obviously decelerate when I near the corner and...

(b) I would like Evaluate Into Buffer (or some version of it) to rebind
STANDARD-OUTPUT or whatever so that anything printed by the evaluation
also goes into the buffer (maybe ^U arg should do this, or turn it off,
or something?)