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    From: Mike McMahon <MMCM at MIT-AI>
        From: GLS at MIT-AI (Guy L. Steele, Jr.)

        Perhaps Help U should do Undo.
    It does.
Not on CADR-2 and not in EMACS.  (I do try things before complaining.)
        On the other hand, I wish that Undo were by default on some single keystroke.
    I doubt this would be useful, since most commands are not undoable.
Well, most commands SHOULD be undoable.
        (3) I think I've suggested these before:  LET Replace (LET Query Replace?),
            and LET Displace (LET Query Displace).
    These exist in NZWEI.  There is also a whole new set of query replace type commands,
    such as Query Exchange (query replace a=>b b=>a at the same time), some of which
    could be implemented in EMACS if someone had the inclination and patience to deal
    with the overloaded CPU's
Wonderful!  Win!

There is this problem with the fact that LISP machine software changes are not
quite as fast as we have become accustomed to on ITS.  I'm sorry if I gripe
about things that have already been fixed, but sometimes the time between gripe
and fix is so long that I forget whether or not I have already griped about
a particular thing.  It would help if there were a file of things that have been
fixed -- just short notes.  Even better would be the grand scheme for having
free LISP Machines spend their time trying to load new versions of programs into