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[no subject]

I exited dired and then ^X^Bed back to the dired buffer and wrote
its contents out to "ALAN;. .", a cannonical place for trash.
Later I had some new trash in "ALAN;. ." that I wanted to read back in.
When I tried to ^X^F this file I was first asked the obnoxious question
about somebody having modified the file since I wrote it, then after I had been
forced to type the characters "yes<return>" I was feeped at and told "read-only"
in the usual small print at the bottom of my screen.  Perhaps someone should
offer to un-read-only-ify the buffer in this (if not some other) cases.

Is there some way I can read in a file read-only?  Is there some way
to force read-only-ness off?