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When I type M-X Save CR ahead, it displays the minibuffer anyway.
It should detect the presence of type-ahead in two ways:

1) Completion should not display if the CR has already been typed ahead
(at least not if no display has yet been done)

2) The minibuffer should not be exposed at all if its contents
never need to be displayed.  When ZWEI decides under program control to switch windows,
nothing should be done to the window system until it is time to redisplay.

3) Another bug: when the minibuffer appears for a M-. command,
the cursor is always at a random place in the middle of it at first.
After a while of thrashing, the cursor moves to the correct place
when redisplay happens.  It would look better is a special hack were
put in to make the cursor appear at the beginning of the line
when it appears for the first time.