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In the version of ZWEI on system 25.0, with microcode 612, on LISP Machine Two:

(a) Why is it that you cannot type ANY command name that Apropos shows
you as an extended command?  In particular, it claims that Mail can
be invoked by ^X M, but I can't do M-X Mail <return>.  I think it would
all be more intuitive if you could.  If Apropos can find it, so can
the command parser!

(d) Well, I see the point that you might want TAB to realign LISP
code even when in a comment.  However, the place I always want tabs
is when in ;;; comments, and usually there is no LISP code on the line.
So I'll modify my request: I would like LISP mode TAB to simply
insert a TAB if within a ;;; comment.  (By extension, I think
that there is a great deal to be said for having M-Q and C-M-Q
manage to treat ;;;'s as "transparent" so that one can fill
paragraphs or indent code that one has put into ;;; comments.
Maybe what I really want is within ;;; comments to get most of the
effect of being in TEXT mode.  One could imagine wanting LF
within a ;;; to create a new line and put in ";;; " automatically,
etc.  Oh well.)