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C-M-P in MIDAS mode, starting on a line with a label but after the end
of that label, should go back only to the end of that label, and not
look for the label before.  

C-M-N in MIDAS mode, in the middle of a label, should go to the end of that label.

In C-X M, the "--Text follows this line--" string should be added
to the list of paragraph delimiters, for the sake of M-Q.

I did C-X C-V in the initial buffer "BUFFER-1", the first thing I did,
and the file had -*-MIDAS-*- in it, but the buffer stayed in Lisp mode.

I am very happy with the speed of C-X M now.  It used to be very slow
to start up.  Let's see how fast it is to finish...