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Re: Continued; bug redisplaying tab in last columns

A little investigation showed that the problem I just reported is
caused by a tab in one of the last columns of a line; Control-L and
Control-V redisplay this fine, but Meta-V produces:

"Recenter type POINT left point outside the point window"

This message reappears each time one tries to exit the debugger, and
one may seem hopelessly wedged -- but if you quickly type 
Control-Z Control-V at it, you return to the editor with a redisplay it
seems to like.

Actually, this is a rare problem because ZWEI doesn't ordinarily let you insert
a tab in those columns unless you use Control-Q, something you'd hardly care
to do, in LISP mode.  I think my file was generated using ITS EMACS, which
likes it fine and displays the line without so much as an exclamation mark.