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Re: m-) enclose previous sexp(s)

KMP wrote for me a Teco macro to do just this.  Look in ml:krep;paren >
or do MM Load Libraryml:krep;paren   then install ^R Revised Make ()
on the key of your choice (I keep it on ")" and put M-( on "(").

I wrote a similar frob for Zwei.  Indeed, my Zwei init (ai:apiary;gyro zwei)
is designed to permit the easy enforcement of the invariant: "Unbalanced
parentheses NEVER appear on the screen".  It tries to do likewise for
other delimiter pairs, like brackets, braces, double-quotes, etc., but some
of the features currently only work right for parens (notably Delete
Balanced Delimiter Pair).  Take a look at the init file!