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        I think C-M-G (Grind Sexp) is too dangerous to have around in the default world.
        (I was just shafted royally by it -- it expands backquotes, #, etc.)
        If anything, it should work like M-G and operate on the region.

    I must admit that I never really thought this was a useful command; I
    was mostly demonstrating how easy it was to hook up the real grinder to
    the real editor in the wonderful Lisp Machine integrated environment.
    The fact that to do so is not the right thing did occur to me but I
    couldn't restrain myself.  This was like right after we defined streams
    and made them work.  I suppose the right thing is to write a true
    source-to-source grinder that preserves reader macros, but I don't
    think the demand would be nearly high enough to justify (no pun
    intended) the amount of work that would be needed.

A source-to-source grinder might be nice, but I'm not looking for that.
The problem is that Grind Sexp is too easy to accidentally invoke in the
default environment.  (I hit it while going for C-M-F)