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In the version of ZWEI on system 21.7, with microcode 604, on LISP Machine Four:

Despite the fact that M-] and friends are advertised to look at
appear to look at only the latter, which is sort of a screw.

Also, it is a screw that *PARAGRAPH-DELIMITER-LIST* is () when in
LISP mode.  I often want to fill a paragraph when in LISP mode
before installing ;;; on each line.  (Bsically, having it be ()
in LISP mode is completely useless.)

Finally, the docuementation for M-Q doesn't mention these variables.

Another complaint: Evaluate Into Buffer doesn't save its argument
on the kill ring or minibuffer ring or anything (I want C-Y to be
able to get back the last argument form I gave it).

Also, two commands that would be useful are Evaluate And Print
and Evaluate Into Nowhere.