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In the version of zwei on system 20.2, with microcode 593, on LISP Machine Two:

I'd like to plump again for a command which I find incredibly useful:
^R Stack List Vertically (in AI:GLS;.EMACS >).  The list following . is
ground just at that one level; that is, newlines are inserted between
every S-expression in the list except the first and second, and all
the new lines are indented properly.  With a ^U argument, a newline
is put between the first and second S-expressions as well, thus yielding
miser format.  Thus if . is at the "." below,

	(this is a .(super gross crock fellows))

then the command without an argument yields

	(this is a (super gross

and with a ^U yields

	(this is a (super

It is more powerful than C-M-Q and less so than C-M-G, and I use it all
the time.  I wish it were in ZMACS (and standard in EMACS).  I put it on
C-M-O, moving ^R Split Line to M-O (which makes more sense anyway, as
it is a "line" operation more than a "list" operation).  I suggest that
ZMACS' This Indentation be moved from M-O to, say, C-Linefeed.