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In system 20.2, with microcode 593, on LISP Machine Eight:
[1] APROPOS of "DOC" lists "Document Completing Read" as a command.
    However, attempting to use it fails, as the completing reader
    itself claims it does not exist.  Typing Meta-X D ? lists
    four possible completions, none of which is "Document Completing

[2] Meta-X Set Fonts <return> <return> beeps and gives an error message.
    [a] The error message is misspelled ("represetation").
    [b] The error message is wrong or misleading or something
        (should or should not one type the outer parentheses, or
        does it matter?).
    [c] The action the error message asks you to take doesn't work
        if you do what it tells you to do.  Instead, you must first
        type Meta-X Set Fonts <return> once again.
    [d] The error message is in the echo area (is this normal on ZWEI?).
    [e] The error message remains around and does not disappear if you
        continue to edit.