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I would like to complain about the recent change to EMACS in which ctrl-N
at the bottom of the screen or ctrl-P at the top of the screen causes
one-line scrolling rather than pseudo-re-centering of the cursor.  When I
leave the end of the screen by one line, I am usually interested in a context
which extends from a few lines above the cursor to a few lines below it,
e.g., the middle of a Lisp function or a paragraph of text.

Now, about two weeks ago I complained about this very same feature on ZWEI.
Many other people joined my complaint, all citing the reason I just gave.
It was changed to agree with the EMACS standard, or what used to be the EMACS

I would like to know (i) who requested that the change be made (ii) why they
prefer one-line scrolling to re-centering (if they have a good reason, I'll
certainly listen) and (iii) if you're not going to change it back, how I can
have my EMACS do it the old way.

I hate to be a bother, but this is a great inconvenience.     - Phil Agre