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There is either some screwy bug in the interpreter, or in ZWEI, or
perhaps just inconsistent versions of files are part of load 11.5.
When I do M-. of "make-typed-part" in doyle;sdl >, I get the phrase
"1 more definition" typed at the bottom of the screen, followed by
an error, claiming that the first argument to sys:M-=, NIL, should
have been a number.  Tracing backwards, the problem is that
Zwei:edit-definition is trying to do (TYPEIN-LINE "~D more definition~P as well."
with two parameters, both the length of a list, in this case 1.
But the trace says that Typein-line has only the list (1) as its rest
argument, so one of these parameters was lost somehow.  Further,
by the time things get to Format:format-ctl-string, the arguments
have become just 1 and the format string - the list of arguments (1)
has become the number 1.  Then Format-ctl-op is called with a list
of arguments of NIL, so the 1 went away as well.

Perhaps you can repeat this bug by logging in as doyle, and doing
M-. of I:make-typed-part in the editor.

I was able to repeat this several times.