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I was sent the following:

    FIN@MIT-ML 06/22/79 17:00:01 Re: Obtaining a tape of Zwei
    Following is a copy of a message that was sent around a week ago with
    some questions about Zwei:

    Miller@ai (Sent by FIN) 06/15/79 18:40:30 Re:     The VINE (Vine Is Not Emacs) Vax Editor Project at TI
    To: DLW at MIT-AI, RG at MIT-AI, TK at MIT-AI, RMS at MIT-AI
    To: Jonl at MIT-MC, Moon at MIT-MC, RJF at MIT-MC
        We at TI would like to convert Zwei to run on the Vax under NIL
    [initially under Franz or else just under MacLisp on 20X for now].  We have
    a number of questions in regard to this.
        (a) Does anyone see any insurmountable obstacles to this project from a
    technical point of view?  We understand that we will have to redo the
    screen redisplay, the file system interface, and the terminal interface.
    How bad does this sound?  What, if any, other problems might arise that
    have not occurred to us?  
        (b) Does anyone see any legal obstacles, e.g., is someone (DLW?)
    authorized and willing to give us the source of Zwei?
        (c) We would like to make the result available to other Vax sites without
    charge or any other strings attached.  Would there be any problem about this?
        (d) AS A TOTALLY SEPARATE ISSUE, if at some undetermined time in the
    far future, on some hypothetical TI hardware, we found that a market
    existed for a text editor similar to Emacs/Zwei/Vine, does anyone foresee
    whether there would be a reason for NOT being able to include it as part of
    an overall software package? 
        (e) Depending of course on the above, could someone send us a Tops-20
    Dumper format 1600 bpi 9 track tape containing all relevant files?
        (f) What related projects are there that might be doing closely similar
    things?  We are vaguely aware of Chris Ryland's effort at Rutgers, Igor (?)
    at CMU, and EX at Berkeley.
        Thanks, Mark Miller (Miller@ai) and Craig Finseth (Fin@ml)

    After getting replies to some of the points mentioned, we decided that the
    next step would be to get a tape (See point (e)) and look at the code to
    se just how hard it would be to convert.  What I am asking is for you
    to make a tape with all of the relevant files and send it down.  We will,
    of course, send you a blank tape in exchange.

    If you are not the right person to ask, could you at least tell me who is?

    If you will do this, let me know and I'll get you an address to send the
    tape.  Thanks.

    Craig Finseth (Fin @ ml)

I'm of course the wrong person to send this too. (There was another recipient
to the message but his name was garbaged so I have no idea who it was or
if he got the message.) Will one of you please reply to Craig? Thanks.