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    Date: Mon ,12 Jun 79 15:57:32 EDT
    From: rms at MIT-AI
    To:   (BUG ZWEI)

    MAKE-WINDOW-CURRENT contains a very suspicious test
    How can this possibly be right?  Why shouldn't selecting the
    mini buffer window with the mouse make its buffer current?
If the mini-buffer is up, you cannot select another window in the editor's view, this
allows moving text from the main window into the mini-buffer window with the mouse,
without screwing yourself by selecting things for real.
    Should COM-OTHER-WINDOW, etc., be calling MAKE-WINDOW-CURRENT?
Yes, since ^XO selects some other window completely.
    Would it be a win for the function SELECT-WINDOW, in SCREEN,
SELECT-WINDOW involves window-system selection, MAKE-WINDOW-CURRENT involves editor
selection.  In fact, MAKE-WINDOW-CURRENT calls SELECT-WINDOW (as one might suspect).

Making the window system cause things to appear correctly to the user is reasonably
complicated: i believe these functions work properly from both the user and
programmer standpoints, so there shouldnt be any need to rearrange them.