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I'm not sure how it happened, but after putting myself in Text mode I suddenly
found that I had an error - overpop in ARRAY-POP inside F-CONTROL-F - 
and on wondering why that had been called in Text mode, I saw that I was
in Lisp mode.  First of all, F-CONTROL-F shouldn't ever get an error, no
matter what is in the buffer.  Second of all, it shouldn't have magically
gone into Lisp mode (though I realize that this is obvious and not much

This wasn't the end.  I had been in Auto Fill mode.  When I went back into
Text mode, though the mode line still said Fill, I discovered that space no
longer did that.  By turning Auto Fill mode off and on again, I managed
to make it start filling again.

This is on the CADR terminal next to the bean-bag chair.