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    RMS@MIT-AI 04/09/79 23:16:31
    ZWEI ought to offer commands for keyboard macros that are
    compatible with EMACS.  It's ok for it to have other bells
    and whistles, even for them to be a totally distinct mode
    (though that would be less desirable), but one ought to be
    able to use all the EMACS commands and get the EMACS results.
Please remember that the keyboard macro facility was not
intended to be part of EINE or ZWEI.  The idea was to provide
a general-purpose transducer for streams; keyboard macros should work in
the LispM DRAW program, or at Lisp Top Level, or anywhere else.  That is
why the usurp a key for their commands, and are NOT ZWEI commands.

Now, if you want the EMACS commands to work, I suggest that you
make ZWEI commands that tell the stream what to do;
either have it insert the backnext comands into the input stream,
or have specialized stream operatins.  I think that would
work out better that way.