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Re: editor top level

I've been playing with ZWEI's new editor top level. I like
it, it's a lot better than the previous top level loop. I
had implemented a editor top level with EINE which I've been
using for quite a while and consider pretty good. It has some
features that you might want to consider adopting for ZWEI:

When you evaluate a form, it prints the value on the next
line preceded by a semicolon. This visually distinguishes
forms from values and makes it easy to re-evaluate forms
large sections of the buffer without having to filter out
the values. Form-value pairs are separated by a new line.

Some people like evaluation to commence when you hit the matching
right paren, like the standard Lisp top level. But I generally
always type balanced sets of parens using the Meta-paren feature, 
so I prefer a "do it" key. Mine evaluates the Region, or if
there is none, does a Control-Meta-H. 

A special buffer called "History" is created to store your
interactions with the top level of Lisp.
If you take code from another buffer, you are retured to the History buffer at the bottom, 
and a note "; Code taken from <Name of buffer>" is printed. 
It's really nice to use this in Two-window mode with the History
buffer in one of the windows, your code in the other.

The file is HENRY;ETOP if you want to look at it or play with it.
I'd appreciate any comments.