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If the visited file's package is nonexistent,
entering ZWEI gets an error.
This happens whenever a file is visited by doing M-.
on a function which was loaded from a file which
was loaded by PKG-LOAD into a package which isn't
right under GLOBAL.  PKG-LOAD does teh right things
and loads the files but the file is given the package
name rather than the package as its PACKAGE property.
Then when ZWEI tries to figure out the package
it loses because that name can't be looked up.
Probably these things should be done:
1) PKG-DECLARE should put the package, not the package name,
on the file symbol's plist.
2) ZWEI should not get an error if the file's package prop
is a symbol which can't be looked up as a refname.
3) The package prop should be able to be a pathname down\n from GLOBAL instead of just one level.  Say, if it is a list.
Then you can put specs of such things inside -*-'s.
4) Looking for a package should search not only the refnames
of the current package but also search their refnames, etc.
recursively but breadth-first so that direct refnames
always win out.