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issues from the first stab at ^X 2ish commands:

 where should all the windows that belong to an editor live, closed over in
the command loop, pointed to by each window, closed over by the caller?  note that
it is nice to call must-redisplay without being in the closure itself.

 should all knowledge of multiple window commands be in zmacs and not zwei?  this includes
the select-window message, which needs to cause more to happen when zmacs windows
are involved than just window-install-interval and setq *window* and *interval*.

 redisplay should occur after all the window commands (as opposed to kbd commands)
are processed, not after each; a bunch of `(redisplay mumble)'s can accumulate it
 these should probably live in a per editor cell, so that those for non-selected windows
get seen as well, perhaps a locative should then be the instance variable, or a gensym?

bugs in window system:

 labels seem to get updated before a edges<- takes effect, ie they appear in the old
place and get immediately erased