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    Date: Thu, 23 Apr 87 17:33 EDT
    From: Guy Steele <gls@Think.COM>

    Note that I had proposed something like this to be called
    AREF-ROW-MAJOR-ORDER.  It may be that that proposal had
    some relevant material that KMP might want to take into account.
    Then again, maybe he already did.  That name is too long,
    but I feel that the row-majorness should be part of the name.
    How about ROW-MAJOR-AREF?  But I don't feel strongly about it.
    Otherwise I support the proposal.

row-major-aref or aref-row-major would be good names.  I think
KMP's suggested function is sufficiently specialized that it does
not need an especially short name.

    Ah.  I recall that perhaps I had suggested having also
    a function ROW-MAJOR-INDEX that takes an array and a bunch
    of subscripts, just like AREF, and returns the row-major
    index of that element.

array-row-major-index is already in the language.