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The reason for the name clash is that I wasn't looking at Steele's 
corrections list at the time I generated the proposal. It was on an
independent list of Macsyma-related issues of my own. Sorry for the

The fact that the row-major feature is built into more functions than
just those which have the phrase "ROW-MAJOR" in them (eg, displaced
arrays) leads me to believe that the phrase ROW-MAJOR is just redundant. 
Also, I don't like the phrase "ROW-MAJOR" because it feels very 2d
because the term row seems to apply to 2d matrices. I know it's got a
perfectly well-defined way of generalizing, but...

Also, I thought a name with "1D" in it would emphasize that this was
a non-standard access. I guess "ROW-MAJOR" does that, too, though.

In any case, although I did have reasons for the choice of name, I'm
not passionate about them. Since there's already a precedent for the
other name, I'm happy to go with that. ROW-MAJOR-AREF is fine.

By the way, I think an inverse to ARRAY-ROW-MAJOR-INDEX might nicely
round out the set of operations which took an offset and either a list
of dimensions or an array and returned the standard reference pattern
might nicely round out the set of operations in this family...