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Procedure for Steele's proposed clarifications

If something is in Steele's clarifications (X3J13/86-003), do we
still need to write it up in full blown form for vote?

In particular, does the fact that my AREF-1D proposal overlaps
with the proposal for ROW-MAJOR-AREF mean that I should modify
my proposal to use the new name (which I'm certainly content to
do) or that I should retract my proposal since the same proposal
is already on the floor.

I certainly think that full-blown forms of all the things in
the clarifications would be nice because it would save a lot of
time at meetings answering obvious questions, but some of the
things in that document are pretty simple and straightforward
in their one-liner form and I just want to clarify before doing
a lot of work that expanding them is what is intended.