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Re: FORMAT-OP-C (Version 2)

Kent, I'll point out again that the proposal should not say "Change the
wording on p. 3241 to say...". The proposal should describe what ANSI
Standard Lisp should do, not what Guy Steele's second edition should
say. The words you use can be pretty much the same, but a number of
folks expressed some sensitivity that the cleanup committee not dictate

E.g., rather than

"  Change the description of ~C on p389 to say:

       ~C prints the character using WRITE-CHAR if it has zero bits.
     Characters with bits are not necessarily printed as WRITE-CHAR
     would do, but are displayed in an implementation-dependent
     abbreviated format that is culturally compatible with the host


The ~C option of format, when given a character with zero bits, will
perform the same action as WRITE-CHAR. (The behavior of FORMAT with the
~C directive given a character with non-zero bits attributes remains