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I support PATHNAME-SYMBOL:NO, but I have the following comments:

 * Please change the reference to filename "nil" to filename "NIL"
   since (STRING NIL) returns "NIL" and not "nil". This is a minor
   point, but I think worth doing.

 * Note that the biggest impact of this change on users is that
   they will not be able to say (LOAD'FOO) which they commonly type
   interactively to mean (LOAD "FOO"). One advantage, of course, is
   that in case-sensitive file systems, people won't do
   (load'foo) and wonder why file "FOO" (rather than "foo") is not
   found. Still, I think the fact that we're going to make it an
   error for people to type (LOAD 'FOO) is worth documenting as part
   of the cost of this proposal so that no one ends up surprised.