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FUNCTION-TYPE and Archives

In reply to: Dick Gabriel <RPG at SAIL.STANFORD.EDU>.

    Second, about the FUNCTION-TYPE proposal: I support it, but mildly.
    I favor a much stronger change, and this proposal is just barely above
    the level of acceptability to me.

I assume that the "stronger proposal" you favor would require FUNCALL,
APPLY, and friends to accept only true functions.

I would go along with putting both options into the proposal we send to
X3J13 and let them vote on it.  My guess is that the conservatives would
prevail, but I personally would favor the "stronger proposal".  (That's
easy for me, because I have relatively little code to maintain.)  It
might be worth a try -- maybe truth and beauty would win.

However, there's a chance that if we put forward two options, the whole
thing will bog down for a while.  I wonder if it is worth the risk of
added delay.

-- Scott