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ballots, meeting, etc.

I'd like to ask you, if you think you might have some opinions on some
or all of the issues, but don't have the time to respond now, to please
reply to that effect. I don't want to mail out proposals unless there is
consensus that they are ready for release.


I would like to get together Monday for a subcommittee meeting. I'd like
to discuss some of the more serious open issues and see how much
progress we can make. (PROCLAIM-LEXICAL seems like it might benefit from
a face-to-face discussion.) 

What do you think about taking some time to go over the ISSUES.TXT file
and getting some directions on them for us to proceed?

Other agenda items?

I expect to be flying in on Sunday, and so would be available all day
Monday. We probably will need to dig up a meeting room somewhere, too.