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I think that I favor something like the DO-SYMBOLS:ADD-KEYWORD proposal,
but I'm not willing to vote for it as it.  The problem is that the
example in the proposal contains a keyword not described by the
proposal, namely :EXTERNAL-ONLY.  Also, the proposal does not specify
which, if any, of the arguments following the return-value expression
are to be evaluated.  In short, it is not a complete proposal.

I like the idea of having a single package-iteration macro, flushing
ones like DO-EXTERNAL-SYMBOLS.  Probably the best way to do this is to
have some set of orthogonal attributes selectable by keyword.  It would
be nice if the same keywords were the arguments to some functional
interface to package-iteration, such as the MAPATOMS function in
Interlisp.  Then the flavor of the iterative macro would be more like
WITH-OPEN-FILE, whose options are just those available from OPEN.

In any case, I think that allowing the duplicates is probably the wrong
thing in general, so I can't vote in favor of either of the two