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People's names :-)

A proposed standard for establishing naming standards for CL-CLEANUP proposals

Any message sent to CL-CLEANUP whose subject line consists solely of the
word "AXOLOTL" (in all upper case, possibly with surrounding whitespace)
may contain lines of the form

#REWRITE "xxx" => "yyyyy" comment

where xxx and yyyyy may be any strings.  Such a line specifies that
henceforth in a CL-CLEANUP proposal any word-delimited substring "xxx"
of the proposal shall be replaced by "yyyyy".  The comment may be any text
(possibly empty).

Masinter can collect these strings and use a software tool to apply them
all to each proposal as it is sent out.  Rewrite rules shall be ordered,
first according to the timestamp of the message defining them (earliest
first), secondarily according to alphabetical order of sender (to break
timestamp ties), and lastly according to the order in which the rules
appear in the message (in case a message defines more than one rewrite
rule).  When each rule is applied to a message, the leftmost occurrence
of "xxx" is located and replaced by "yyyyy"; the rule is then applied
again only to the remaining unsearched text, not to "yyyyy" or the text
that precedes it.  This allows a rule that rewrites "loser" into
"incredible loser" to avoid infinite recursion.

A rule that rewrites a person's name into another form is automatically
adopted when proposed by that person unless vetoed by a 2/3 majority
of CL-CLEANUP.  When proposed by another person it can be adopted only
after a show of 2/3 support.  Any other rewrite rule is included or
not at the discretion of Masinter unless overridden by 2/3 vote.

For example (note that the following examples do not actually take
effect because the subject line of this message is not "AXOLOTL"):

#REWRITE "KMP" => "Pitman"   Needs 2/3 vote to take effect unless
			     KMP should propose it himself
#REWRITE "GLS" => "Steele"
#REWRITE "mantissa" => "significand"
#REWRITE "that bagbiter Quux" => "that remarkable fellow Steele"


P.S. Other extensions suggest themselves.  For example, a line
of the form #FLUSH "xxx" in any message whose header contains
":-)" could mean that any message containing "xxx" should be
killed by the mailer at SAIL and not distributed to CL-CLEANUP
at all.