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Merging of committees

    Date: 4 Jun 87 17:27 PDT
    From: Larry Masinter <Masinter.PA@Xerox.COM>

    ... I am opposed to the CLEANUP committee releasing IGNORE-ERRORS.
    If Kent thinks it is a good idea to get IGNORE-ERRORS out, then let
    that be the report and proposal of the Error committee. Kent can
    even report that the Cleanup committee likes the idea, but it should
    come as a report and recommendation of the error committee. ...

I disagree. The Error Committee is responsible for preparing a complete
proposal. The Cleanup is responsible for making minor patches. This is a
minor patch which is contingent on the Error Committee -not- doing something.
It would be inappropriate for the Error Committee to make conflicting
recommendations. It is not inappropriate for two groups with (as you
yourself said) different goals to make conflicting recommendations.

I completely agree that the committees should not be merged. Although
there is a gray area in all of this where X3J13 adopts various proposals
of other committees and it may be appropriate for the Cleanup committee
to then take over the job of minor corrections to what at that point
amounts to a normal part of the language. We can cross that bridge when
we come to it, though; it's certainly no relation to what's going on at
this point in any of the subcommittees I know of.