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Well, I'll leave it to the others to decide whether it is reasonable to
delay the whole decision process for several months because you haven't
yet decided what your position is.  If several people on the committee
are uneasy about this FUNCTION-TYPE issue because of the points you have
raised (or because of other problems), we should probably wait and
discuss it some more; if it's just you, I don't think you have a veto
either over the proposal itself or over the decision that it's time to
vote on it.  (You may, however, have a legitimate parliamentary
objection if the proposal being voted on has not been on the table for a
sufficient time prior to a vote.)

It's possible that this can be discussed in Boston and settled by a
letter ballot shortly thereafter.  Unlike most of these "garbage"
issues, I think this one is worth some of our precious face-to-face

By the way, I thought I had told people on Cleanup this, but I guess I
just told certain individuals: I will not be able to be at the Boston
meeting.  I had already made plans to be in England when this meeting's
date was settled in Palo Alto.  I'd like to be at the meeting, but I
trust the members of X3J13 not to do anything too horrible in my

-- Scott