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Puerhaps I wasn't clear. I think that the discussion of the coercion of
FUNCALL and APPLY is a central, and very important to discuss, at this
X3J13. However, I think it is separable from the issue of the FUNCTION
type, and the changes to FUNCTIONP and TYPEP of FUNCTION.    And, it
seems valuable to separate them, since, while they are both compatible
changes, there is not necessarily any correlation between whether one
supports one and the other, since their justifications and motivations
are not identical. 

My proposal is to separate them. One issue is FUNCTION-TYPE.  What is
the other issue called? I had tentatively named it FUNCTION-COERCION. A
proposal just arrived from Will Clinger, with selective linking as the
central theme (I alluded to this in an earlier message.)   I will mail
this out in a separate message (EVAL-DEFEATS-LINKER).  If your sentiment
is that we should not release one issue without the other, I agree, it
seems poor form and might let one get lost in the face of the other. If
you would like to keep them together in the same proposal, please