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READ TODAY: Cover letter for mailing to X3J13

I want to mail this tomorrow, as I must get the hardcopy version out,
and I am leaving town. Please reply asap. Also, while there have been a
couple of NACKs, no ACKs on the Monday meeting, 10 AM at Symbolics. Who
will attend?

Scott is working on FUNCTION-TYPE, and Kent on IF-BODY. It seems
important to get those versions in the hands of X3J13 in advance of the
meeting, so that there can be some meaningful discussion. I have
tentatively put new version numbers down with today's date.  

If the versions can be distributed to cl-cleanup today, there's a chance
of mailing them with the other hardcopy versions tomorrow (and I will
change the cover letter.) Otherwise, they will have to be distributed at
the meeting.

Dear X3J13 members:

Enclosed are several proposals from the cleanup committee for your
examination.   The committee has been "meeting" via electronic mail. For
each proposal, there has been an average of 10-15 messages. 

In most cases, the cleanup committee has explicitly endorsed the
proposal -- i.e., we all think it is a good idea. In some cases, while
the committee has generally agreed that the proposal is a good idea,
there hasn't been sufficient time to obtain agreement about the exact
form of the proposal; in those cases, while an earlier version was
circulated among the cleanup committee. In most of these proposals, some
earlier version was circulated to the committee and explicitly voted on.
In a few cases (identified in the proposal) there has been a great deal
of disagreement, but that we generally thought that we should bring the
matter to the attention of the larger group, for discussion and

For your information, I have listed below all of the issues currently
under consideration, with an extremely brief description of the issue.
If anyone is interested in further details, or in joining the cleanup
committee, please let us know (CL-CLEANUP@Sail.stanford.EDU).  Those
issues which are included in this mailing (and were mailed electronicly)
are marked with a !. Those marked with * were nearly ready for release,
but a final version is not available. We hope to have final versions of
these at the meeting.


! Proposal format (Version 11)
	Format for proposals to the cleanup committee.

 * ADJUST-ARRAY-DISPLACEMENT (Version 3 / 5-jun-87)
	(Standardize interaction of adjust-array and displacement)
	Discussion about :displaced-to nil vs no :displaced-to.
	Not ready for release

ADJUST-ARRAY-NOT-ADJUSTABLE (version 1/22-apr-87)
	(Extend adjust-array so its OK on non-adjustable arrays.)
	Several comments which need reply
	Not ready for release

! AREF-1D (Version 5/11 Jun 87)
	(Add a new function for accessing arrays with row-major-index)
	Version 5 released
 ASSOC-RASSOC-IF-KEY (Version 2/15-Jun-87)
	(Extend ASSOC-IF, etc.  to allow :KEY)
	Almost ready for release

	(Does *BREAK-ON-WARNING* affect the compiler?)
	Questions on interaction with condition proposal.
	Is this an environment issue?
	Not released.

! COMPILER-WARNING-STREAM (Version 6/ 5-Jun-87)
	(Compiler warnings are printed on *ERROR-OUTPUT*)
	Version 3 released.
	Version 6 released 11-Jun-87.

	((DEFVAR var) doesn't initialize)
	Version 3 Released
	Version 4 released 11-Jun-87 13:30:32

! DEFVAR-INIT-TIME (Version 2/29-May-87)
	(DEFVAR initializes when evaluated, not later.)
	Version 2 released 11-Jun-87 13:30:22
DO-SYMBOLS-DUPLICATES (Version 2/29-May-87)
	(can DO-SYMBOLS see the same symbol twice?)
	Debate: extend so that both options are available
	not ready for release
EVAL-DEFEATS-LINKER (Version 1/12 Jun-87)
	("selective linking" means GC non-used symbols; 
	proposal to change #., #, and part of FUNCTION-TYPE)
	Not ready for release

	(What does FILE-WRITE-DATE do if no such file?)
	Defer to condition system?
	Not yet submitted.

! FLET-IMPLICIT-BLOCK (Version 6/ 5-Jun-87)
	(do FLETs have implicit named blocks around them?)
	Released 11-Jun-87

! FORMAT-ATSIGN-COLON (Version 4/5-jun-87)
	( @: == :@ in format)
	Version 3 released.
	Version 4 (re-)released 11-Jun-87 13:44:27.

* FORMAT-COMMA-INTERVAL (Version 1/10 June)
	(Allow another argument to ~D etc to paramerize digits between commas)
	Almost ready for release

	Not yet submitted; mail 19-May by KMP

! FORMAT-OP-C (Version 5/ 11-Jun-87)
	(What does ~C do?)
	Released 11-Jun-87

* FUNCTION-TYPE (Version 4/ 15-Jun-87)
	(Change definition of FUNCTIONP, function type ...)
	Not quite ready for release

GC-MESSAGES (version 1)
	(Control over unsolicited GC messages in typescript)
	merge with other controls for unsolicited messages?
	Not ready for release

! GET-SETF-METHOD-ENVIRONMENT (Version 4, 11-Jun-87)
	(Environment argument for GET-SETF-METHOD)
	Version 4 released 11-Jun-87

* IF-BODY (Version 7, 15-Jun-87)
	(extend IF to implicit progn if more than one ELSE form?)
	Not quite ready for release

IGNORE-ERRORS (Version 4, 29-May-87)
	(Introduce error catcher) 
	Pitman will release as report from cleanup + error committee

! IMPORT-SETF-SYMBOL-PACKAGE (Version 5/ 11-Jun-87)
	(Does IMPORT affect home package?)
	Version 3 Released
	Version 5 released 11-Jun-87

	( &KEY arguments not in keyword package?)
	Version 6 released 15-Jun-87

LOAD-TIME-EVAL (Version 1, 6 Jun 87)
	(New function/macro/special form for evaluation when 
	compiled file is loaded?)
	Not ready for release

	(Add environment argument to MACRO-FUNCTION?)
	Not yet submitted (From ENVIRONMENT-ARGUMENTS)

	(PATHNAME only works on file streams)
	Released 11-Jun-87 15:03:54

	(Do symbols automaticly coerce to pathnames?)
	Not ready for release

	(character interaction with echoing on terminal)
	Not ready for release

	(PRINC behavior on character objections)
	Released 11-Jun-87 15:35:59

	(add LEXICAL proclaimation, default binding type for
	 undeclared free variables)
	Not ready for release

PROMPT-FOR (Version 1)
	(add new function which prompts)
	Not ready for release

	(What order does (PUSH (A) (CAR (B))) evaluate (A) and (B)?)
	Not yet submitted. 

	(Syntax for keyword arguments which must be supplied?)
	In discussion, no proposal submitted

	(How does REMF affect its arguments?)
	Not ready for release

	(FIND, SUBSTITUTE etc work on multi-dimensional arrays?)
	In discussion, no clear consensus
	Not ready for release

	(What does C-META-H-X mean?)
          not ready for release

	(Is #+68000, #-3600 allowed?)
         not ready for release

	(What package are *features* in?)
         not ready for release

	(Is it OK to shadow a special form with FLET, LABELS?)
	In discussion, no proposal submitted yet

	(Operation of TAILP given NIL)
	Not yet submitted.

	(GO out of UNWIND-PROTECT clauses.)
	Not ready for release