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READ TODAY: Cover letter for mailing to X3J13

    Date: 15 Jun 87 14:29 PDT
    From: Masinter.pa@Xerox.COM

    I want to mail this tomorrow, as I must get the hardcopy version out,
    and I am leaving town. Please reply asap.

This didn't make it from Xerox to Stanford until 5 hours after you sent it,
so expect delayed replies.  The evidence of a network problem somewhere is
why I'm sending this in a way that should get you three copies.

    Also, while there have been a
    couple of NACKs, no ACKs on the Monday meeting, 10 AM at Symbolics. Who
    will attend?

I haven't heard of this meeting before.  Gee, did I arrange it in my sleep?
As far as I know now I can attend, although something might come up.

I have no comments on the letter to X3J13 members, other than seconding
Fahlman's comment on fractured English in one place.