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Re: READ TODAY: Cover letter for mailing to X3J13

Thanks for the note on the mail delay. They were tinkering with the
mail-server today (moved it to another net), unfortunately, and mail got
temporarily delayed while it was down.

I will fix up the brain-damaged paragraph. 

As for the meeting, maybe David was asleep after all? 


 From: masinter.pa
Date: 31 May 87 20:49:38 PDT
Subject: ballots, meeting, etc.
To: cl-cleanup@sail.stanford.edu
Message-ID: <870531-205005-2070@Xerox>



I would like to get together Monday for a subcommittee meeting. I'd like
to discuss some of the more serious open issues and see how much
progress we can make. (PROCLAIM-LEXICAL seems like it might benefit from
a face-to-face discussion.) 

What do you think about taking some time to go over the ISSUES.TXT file
and getting some directions on them for us to proceed?

Other agenda items?


Date: Tue, 2 Jun 87 00:29 EDT
 From: David A. Moon <Moon@STONY-BROOK.SCRC.Symbolics.COM>
Subject: ballots, meeting, etc.
To: masinter.pa
In-Reply-To: <870531-205005-2070@Xerox>
Message-ID: <870602002903.6.MOON@EUPHRATES.SCRC.Symbolics.COM>


We can get a small (12-person) conference room at Symbolics if a room
elsewhere doesn't materialize.  I would need to sign up for it a few
days in advance to be sure to have it all day Monday.  We're at the
opposite end of the MIT campus from the Marriot hotel where apparently
people are staying, but it's within walking distance unless the weather
is outrageously hot.

Date: 11 Jun 87 16:05 PDT
 From: Masinter.pa
Subject: Status
To: cl-cleanup@sail.stanford.edu
Message-ID: <870611-160520-187@Xerox>


David Moon has kindly offered this group a meeting room at Symbolics on
Monday. I suggest we start at 10:00, with a break for lunch, and plan on
ending around 4:00 PM.