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We are tasked with producing a new version of FUNCTION-TYPE for
consideration at the next X3J13. The new version should reflect the
discussion held so far. My notes and memory are poor. Does anyone else
have any notes?

My notes include that point 6 (the description of COMPILE) should be
removed from this proposal, that there was some sentiment for
considering a proposal where symbols coerced to their symbol-function
but lists did not, consideration of APPLICABLE-P, a proposal where
FUNCTION and FUNCTIONP stayed the same but there was a new type
PROCEDURE and PROCEDUREP, that we be more consistent about justifying
removing COMPILED-FUNCTION-P (i.e., why bother?), that the proposal
mention selective linking.

Some of the discussion centered around the merits of Dynamic Linking and
the Value of Lisp, the behavior of COERCE and the FUNCTION type.