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    Date: 13 Jul 87 14:05 PDT
    From: Masinter.pa@Xerox.COM

    * KEYWORD-ARGUMENT-NAME-PACKAGE (Version 6/11 Jun 87)
     ( &KEY arguments not in keyword package?)
     Version 6 conditionally passed X3J13/Jun87.
     Examine wording and avoid "keyword argument" phrasing.
      Introduce phrase "a key argument" to denote arguments
      defined with &KEY ??

In some CLOS stuff I'm writing today, I'm using the terms "positional
argument" and "named argument".  Positional arguments are received by
required and optional parameters, while named arguments are received
by &key parameters.  &rest parameters can receive either kind of argument.

I don't have time to revise the proposal today, but perhaps I can do
so along these lines later, if people agree that this is a good