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Redefinition of system functions

Problem description:
CLtL allows the redefinition of functions exported from other packages. 
Unexperienced programmers may redefine a system function unintentional 
which may result into an inconsistent state of the system and cause to 

This happens, for example, if a beginner follows the CL introductory 
book "Essential LISP" by Anderson et.al. page 41 where an exercise asks 
to define a function make-list. After the redefinition of make-list the 
system crashs without returning a message that the function has been 

CLtL only says that special forms can not be redefined. But this doesn't 
solve the general problem of redefining system functions.

Redefinition of exported functions should stay allowed. However, some 
functions - especially all functions of the package LISP -  should be 
protected from redefinition. In the case a user tries to redefine such a 
function a confirmation should be required.

Protected user functions can be specified in a special list (look-up-
table, value of the variable *protected-functions-from-redefinition*). 
Functions from package LISP are protected per se and have not to be 
added into this list. 
There should be two functions to add and to remove an entry to/from this 
protect-function-from-redefinition name
release-function-for-redefinition name

The only function involved in protecting functions from redefinition 
seems to be defun. Advising (in the sense of Interlisp) protected 
functions, however, should stay allowed. 

Dieter Kolb