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I'm working on my status file to update it. Since Scott asked, I'll send this version now and another version, probably tomorrow. I'm only part-way done -- please don't bother to send correction and review for issues after FUNCTION-TYPE in this list.

To summarize: some issues were "passed" at X3J13. Others were discussed. At a meeting of cl-cleanup prior to X3J13, we went over the issues.txt file and attempted to divvy up some of the files. 

In some cases, I've indicated a question ???? on whether an item is ready to release. I'd like everyone to reply, either with an accept, don't care, or object on each releasable item. 

* ready for release (I think)
< already approved, no more action pending.
{ awaiting action from some other committee
???? A question: if you do not reply to this issue,
     I will take the action indicated.

In particular, if it says "???? Ready for release with endorsement", I propose to edit the last submitted version of the proposal as sent to CL-CLEANUP to include the statement that the cleanup committee endorses the proposal, and send it on to X3J13.

* Proposal format (Version 11)
 Format for proposals to the cleanup committee.
 Version 11 released 11-Jun-87.
 (Suggestion to add a Related Issues field; LMM proposes instead
  just to use References field.)
???? Version 12 modified to suggest naming Related Issues in the References field.

ADJUST-ARRAY-DISPLACEMENT (Version 3 / 5-jun-87)
 (Standardize interaction of adjust-array and displacement)
 Discussion about :displaced-to nil vs. no :displaced-to.
 Masinter (or other volunteer) to revise, clarify :displaced-to ommitted
      same as :displaced-to nil.
 Not ready for release.

ADJUST-ARRAY-FILL-POINTER-SOURCE (not yet submitted - from ISSUES file)
(p 297) Specify that the fill pointer is ignored for the purposes of deciding whether a given element of a new array resulting from ADJUST-ARRAY
should take its value from the old array contents or from the specified :INITIAL-ELEMENT.

ADJUST-ARRAY-NOT-ADJUSTABLE (version 1/22-apr-87)
 (Extend adjust-array so its OK on non-adjustable arrays.)
 Several comments which need reply
 Not ready for release.
 Notes from boston cl-cleanup meeting have *, but
  the mail traffic seems inconclusive.

APPEND-DOTTED (version 1/27 Jul 87)
 Sumbitted by KMP.
 Need mod to Current Practice
 Mention (append () t), clarify NCONC?
 Not ready for release.

APPLY-HOOK-SPECIAL-FORMS (not yet submitted/from ISSUES file) 
 (p 322) At end of second paragraph on *APPLYHOOK*,
 clarify that the apply hook function is not used
 when special forms are evaluated.
 Masinter to submit.

* AREF-1D (Version 6/6 JUL 87)
 (Add a new function for accessing arrays with row-major-index)
 Version 5 conditionally passed at X3j13/Jun87 pending new version.
 Version 6 mailed to cl-cleanup 6Jul.
???? Ready for release with endorsement?

ASSOC-RASSOC-IF-KEY (Version 2/15-Jun-87)
 (Extend ASSOC-IF, etc.  to allow :KEY)
 Needs revision of current practice, test case, example.
 (Only Symbolics is known to implement this feature)
 The summary says Version 2, but I only have version 1 on file.
 Does anyone else have a version 2? Or was this wishful thinking?
 Not ready for release

{ COMPILER-WARNING-BREAK (Version 2/7-Apr-87)
 (Does *BREAK-ON-WARNING* affect the compiler?)
 Questions on interaction with condition proposal. 
 Postponed pending error proposal

< COMPILER-WARNING-STREAM (Version 6/ 5-Jun-87)
 (Compiler warnings are printed on *ERROR-OUTPUT*)
 Version 6 passed X3J13/Jun87.

DEFINITION-FUNCTIONS (not yet submitted)
  (Extensions for documentation-type for delete-definition
   Masinter to submit.

{ DEFSTRUCT-SLOTS-CONSTRAINTS (not yet submitted/issues file)
(p 307) Allow a call to DEFSTRUCT to have no slot-descriptions. Specify that it is an error for two slots in a single DEFSTRUCT to have
the same name.  If structure A includes structure B, then no additional
slot of A may have the same name as any slot of B.
   Await object proposal.

{ DEFSTRUCT-DEFAULT-VALUE-EVALUATION (not yet submitted/issues file)
(p 305) The default value in a defstruct slot is not evaluated unless it
is needed in the creation of a particular structure instance.  If it is
never needed, there can be no type-mismatch error, even if the type of the
slot is specified, and no warning should be issued.
  Await object proposal.

   (Documentation string is not evaluated.)
   Submitted, no replies
???? Ready for release with endorsement?

 ((DEFVAR var) doesn't initialize)
 Version 4 passed X3J13/Jun87.

< DEFVAR-INIT-TIME (Version 2/29-May-87)
 (DEFVAR initializes when evaluated, not later.)
 Version 2 passed X3J13/Jun87.

Clarify that if DISASSEMBLE is given a symbol whose function definition is interpreted, that definition is indeed compiled and then disassembled, but the resulting compiled definition does not replace the interpreted one as the symbol's function definition.
Need volunteer to submit.

DO-SYMBOLS-DUPLICATES (Version 2/29-May-87)
 (can DO-SYMBOLS see the same symbol twice?)
 Debate: extend so that both options are available?
 Needs more information on implementation and
   performance cost.
 Masinter will rewrite, flush :ALLOWED option,
  rewrite :ADD-KEYWORDS to make default for
  :ALLOW-DUPLICATES as NIL., conversion cost => nil.
 Not ready for release.

EVAL-DEFEATS-LINKER (Version 1/12 Jun-87)
 ("selective linking" means GC non-used symbols; 
 proposal to change #., #, and part of FUNCTION-TYPE)
   Postpone pending FUNCTION-TYPE resolution & 
	handle remainders.

EXPORT-COORDINATION (from Carnese, no formal proposal)
  Coordinate EXPORT and DEFxxx by adding new form.
  Is this a good idea to allow?
  Not yet formally submitted.
???? Drop this issue?

{ FILE-WRITE-DATE-IF-NOT-EXISTS (from Weinreb, no fromal proposal)
 (What does FILE-WRITE-DATE do if no such file?)
 "there should not be a formal proposal for fixing the file-write-date ambiguity until we are at the point where we can make proposals that discuss signalling named conditions. "
  Awaiting error proposal.

(P 425) "Generalize FILE-LENGTH to accept any filename, not just an open file-stream.  Let it take a keyword argument :ELEMENT-TYPE, defaulting to STRING-CHAR for non-stream arguments and to the element-type of the stream for a stream argument."
  Need volunteer to write up.

< FLET-IMPLICIT-BLOCK (Version 6/ 5-Jun-87)
 (do FLETs have implicit named blocks around them?)
 Version 6 passed X3J13/Jun87.

< FORMAT-ATSIGN-COLON (Version 4/5-jun-87)
 ( @: == :@ in format)
 Version 4 passed X3J13/Jun87.

* FORMAT-COMMA-INTERVAL (Version 1/10 June 87)
 (Allow another argument to ~D etc to paramerize digits between commas)
???? Ready for release with endorsement?

FORMAT-NEGATIVE-PARAMETERS (mail 19 May, no formal proposal)
"format parameters are assumed to be non-negative integers except as specifically stated"
Need volunteer to write up.

< FORMAT-OP-C (Version 5/ 11-Jun-87)
 (What does ~C do?)
 Version 5 passed X3J13/Jun87.

FUNCTION-TYPE (Version 5/ 16-Jun-87)
 (Change definition of FUNCTIONP, function type ...)
 Draft released 16-Jun-87.
 Discussed at X3J13, new proposal due.

<<< status and notes after this point are incomplete and possibly inaccurate >>>

FUNCTION-SPECS (mail 17 Jul)


GC-MESSAGES (version 1)
 (Control over unsolicited GC messages in typescript)
 merge with other controls for unsolicited messages?
 Not ready for release.
 Pitman volunteered to revise.

* GET-SETF-METHOD-ENVIRONMENT (Version 5, 13-Jun-87)
 (Environment argument for GET-SETF-METHOD)
 Version 4 conditionally passed X3J13/Jun87.
 Version 5 mailed 13-Jul-87 13:18:47 

IF-BODY (Version 7, 16-Jun-87)
 (extend IF to implicit progn if more than one ELSE form?)
 Draft released 16-Jun-87.
 Discussed at X3J13/Jun 87.
 Postpone pending resolution of policy on extensions?
 Mail 6-Jul

IGNORE-ERRORS (Version 4, 29-May-87)
 (Introduce error catcher) 
 Pitman will release as report from cleanup + error committee.
 (Was not released).

< IMPORT-SETF-SYMBOL-PACKAGE (Version 5/ 11-Jun-87)
 (Does IMPORT affect home package?)
 Version 5 passed X3J13/Jun87.

 ( &KEY arguments not in keyword package?)
 Version 6 conditionally passed X3J13/Jun87.
 Examine wording and avoid "keyword argument" phrasing.
  Introduce phrase "a key argument" to denote arguments
  defined with &KEY ??
   Mail 30 Jul

  Mail 22 Aug

LOAD-TIME-EVAL (Version 1, 6 Jun 87)
 (New function/macro/special form for evaluation when 
 compiled file is loaded?)
 Not ready for release.
 Deferred to compiler committee?
 Mail 23-Jul

 (Add environment argument to MACRO-FUNCTION?)
 Formal proposal not yet submitted.
 Masinter will extract from environment-arguments


 (PATHNAME only works on file streams)
 Version 2 conditionally passed X3J13/Jun 87
 Needs revision to clarify "file" = "opened with open"
  (there are some non-file devices which have pathnames) 
   Mail 11-Jun


 (Do symbols automaticly coerce to pathnames?)
 Not ready for release.
 Moon will revise, extend language, clarify
   which functions are affected, etc.

 (character interaction with echoing on terminal)
 Not ready for release.
 Pitman will revise & resubmit.

 (PRINC behavior on character objections)
 Version 3 passed X3J13/Jun87.

 (add LEXICAL proclaimation, default binding type for
  undeclared free variables)
 Not ready for release.
 Rees & Moon will revise & resubmit. Rees says he won't.
 David? Mail 4 Aug.

PROMPT-FOR (Version 1)
 (add new function which prompts)
 Not ready for release.
 Tabled indefinitely.

 (Syntax for keyword arguments which must be supplied?)
 In discussion, formal proposal not yet submitted.
 Table indefinitely.

 (How does REMF affect its arguments?)
 Not ready for release.
 Pitman will revise & resubmit.

SETF-EVALUATION-ORDER (not yet submitted)
   (Clarify SETF order) (subsume PUSH-EVALUATION-ORDER,
 (What order does (PUSH (A) (CAR (B))) evaluate (A) and (B)?)
 In discussion, formal proposal not yet submitted. 
 Need volunteer to submit. (SETF-VARIABLE? submitted by Moon. Expand?)


 (FIND, SUBSTITUTE etc work on multi-dimensional arrays?)
 In discussion, no clear consensus
 Not ready for release.
 Pitman will revise & resubmit.


 (What does C-META-H-X mean?)
 Not ready for release.
 Forward to Linden for character proposal?

 (Is #+68000, #-3600 allowed?)
 Not ready for release.
 Pitman will revise & resubmit.

 (What package are *features* in?)
 Not ready for release.
 Pitman will revise & resubmit.

 (Is it OK to shadow a special form with FLET, LABELS, MACROLET?)
 In discussion, no formal proposal submitted.
 Send to macro committee?

(P 328) Remove the requirement that *STANDARD-INPUT*, etc., must be initially bound to synonym streams to *TERMINAL-IO*; demote this to the level of an implementation suggestion.  This is to allow flexibility of
implementation, for example to allow UNIX redirection to win.

SUBSEQ-OUT-OF-BOUNDS (from ISSUES file, no formal proposal)
(p 246) "Specify that it is an error for the SUBSEQ indices or any :START or :END argument have a negative index or point past the end of the sequence in question.  (With respect to whether signalling is required, this error will be treated the same as array out-of-bounds.)"
 Need volunteer to write up

 (Operation of TAILP given NIL)
 Not ready for release.
 Masinter will revise & resubmit.

 (GO out of UNWIND-PROTECT clauses.)
 Not ready for release.
  Gabriel will revise & resubmit.