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*FEATURES*, system package name

OK, I'll send out a message asking people to send in a list of feature
names and package names, and write a little hack to generate a sorted

This is the format (this is just an example, of course):

(system "Xerox Common Lisp" From "Masinter.PA@Xerox.COM" 

(Feature  :COMMON Description "Common Lisp available")

(Feature  :XEROX Description "Running in Xerox Common Lisp.")

(Feature  :INTERLISP Description "The Interlisp programming language and
environment are available")

(Package "INTERLISP" nicknames ("IL") Description "Interlisp programming
language and environment")

(Package "XEROX-COMMON-LISP" nicknames ("XCL") Description "Xerox
extensions to Common Lisp")

(Package "XCL-USER" Description "Default package for Common Lisp windows
in Xerox Common Lisp environment")

(Package "LISP" nicknames ("COMMON-LISP" "CL") Description  "As in CLtL,
package containing all Common Lisp symbols")

(Package "SYSTEM" nicknames ("SYS" "SI") Description  "as in CLtL,
system internals")

(Package  "D-ASSEM"  Description  "Xerox D-machine assembler")

(Package "FASL" Description "Xerox fast-loader")

(Package "COMPILER" nicknames ("XCLC") Description "Xerox Common Lisp