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I don't think this issue is nearly ready for release, for two reasons:

(1) The discussion appears to have been thoroughly garbled during
editing.  KMP pointed out some problems in his message of 28 October,
but I noticed several more while reading it just now.  I could provide
line-by-line commentary if requested, but I'm not sure that's the best
use of limited time right now.

(2) Of the several alternative proposals for this issue, the only one
that seemed appropriate to me has been removed.  After re-reading the
12 messages on the topic that I thought were worth saving, I get the
feeling that the issues have not really been clarified and that the
discussion is largely dealing with strawmen.  It seems like the
cleanup committee is heading towards making a serious mistake here.

I could spend several hours now rearguing the same arguments I made last
spring, hopefully putting more care and clarity into them so that more
people would be convinced.  It's a subtle issue that's hard to think
about and I'm sure my past comments on it have not been as
understandable as they ought to be.  However, again this issue seems
like a waste of time right now.  I'd rather concentrate on cleanup
issues that are closer to agreement.