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Issue status

For my personal sanity, I was forced to reformat the status list into an
intelligible format -- I just couldn't deal with the `paging' that came
 from having terminated issues sorted in with things that were still active.
Here's my re-ordered list for others who think like me (although surely
there are no such people on this list :-). These are formatting changes
only. I didn't move anything between categories, and any editorializing
I have will follow under separate cover. -kmp

Ready: Expecting to be released at next meeting.

 - Proposal format (Version 12, 23-Oct-87)
   Ready for release

 - AREF-1D (Version 6, 6 JUL 87)
   (Add a new function for accessing arrays with row-major-index)
   Version 5 conditionally passed at X3j13/Jun87 pending new version.
   Version 6 mailed to cl-cleanup 6Jul.
   Ready for release

 - COLON-NUMBER (Version 1, 22-oct-87)
   (Is :1 a number, a symbol, or undefined?)
   Ready for release

 - DECLARE-MACROS (Version 2,  9-Nov-87)
   (Disallow macros expanding into declarations.)
   Ready for release

 - DEFVAR-DOCUMENTATION (Version 1, 30-Jun-87)
   (Documentation string is not evaluated.)
   Submitted, no replies
   Ready for release

 - FORMAT-COMMA-INTERVAL (Version 2, 15 June 87)
   (Allow another argument to ~D etc to paramerize digits between commas)
   Ready for release

 - FUNCTION-TYPE (Version 7, 9-Nov-87)
   (Change definition of FUNCTIONP, function type ...)
   Discussed at X3J13, new proposal due.
   Ready for release.

 - GET-SETF-METHOD-ENVIRONMENT (Version 5, 13-Jun-87)
   (Environment argument for GET-SETF-METHOD)
   Version 4 conditionally passed X3J13/Jun87.
   Ready for release.

   (&KEY arguments not in keyword package?)
   Version 6 conditionally passed X3J13/Jun87.
   Ready for release after 
    change ((-keyword- -var-)) to ((-keyword- -var-) ...)

 - LOAD-TIME-EVAL (Version 2, 17-JUL-87)
   (New function/macro/special form for evaluation when compiled file
   is loaded?)
   No discussion after Version 2.
   Almost ready for release (paren error in example.)

 - PATHNAME-STREAM (Version 5, 23-Oct-87)
   (PATHNAME only works on file streams)
   Version 2 conditionally passed X3J13/Jun 87
   Do synonym streams delegate PATHNAME?
   What are the requirements on the pathname of a stream?

 - PUSH-EVALUATION-ORDER (Version 3, 8-Nov-87)
   (What order does (PUSH (A) (CAR (B))) evaluate (A) and (B)?)
   ??? Ready for release?

 - SETF-METHOD-FOR-SYMBOL (Version 3, 11-Nov-87)
   (Change recommendation for (get-setf-method symbol)?)
   ???? Ready for release?
 - SETF-FUNCTION-VS-MACRO (Version 3, 4-Nov-87)
   (Allow (DEFUN (SETF FOO) ..))
   Ready for release

   (FIND, SUBSTITUTE etc work on multi-dimensional arrays?)
   ???? Ready for release?

 - SHADOW-ALREADY-PRESENT (Version 4, 10-Nov-87 23:59:43)
   ???? Ready for release?

 - SHARPSIGN-PLUS-MINUS-PACKAGE (version 2, 10-Nov-87)
   (What package are *features* in?)
   Register *features*?
   ???? Ready for release?

 - TRACE-FUNCTION-ONLY (Version 5, 9-NOV-87)
   (Allow trace for SETF functions, macros, etc.)
   Environment extension?
   Needs minor corrections

Active: Being discussed, but not expected to be ready in time.

 - DEFINITION-FUNCTIONS (no formal proposal)
   (Extensions for documentation-type for delete-definition
   Rough draft mailed  9-Oct-87.
   Is all of this mechanism necessary?

 - DO-SYMBOLS-DUPLICATES (Version 2, 29-May-87)
   (Can DO-SYMBOLS see the same symbol twice?)
   Debate: extend so that both options are available?
   Needs more information on implementation and performance cost.
   Needs rewrite: flush :ALLOWED option, rewrite :ADD-KEYWORDS to
   make default for :ALLOW-DUPLICATES as NIL., conversion cost => nil.
   Not ready for release.

 - PATHNAME-SYMBOL (Version 3, 23-OCT-87)
   (Do symbols automaticly coerce to pathnames?)

 - PROCLAIM-LEXICAL  (Version 4, 27-Oct-87)
   (add LEXICAL, GLOBAL, CONSTANT proclaimation)
   Awaiting rewrite of "cell" terminology.

   (Specification of side-effect behavior in CL)

   (What happens with non-local exits out of UNWIND-PROTECT
   cleanup clauses?)
   Not quite ready for release

Tabled: Awaiting new proposal.

 - ASSOC-RASSOC-IF-KEY (Version 1, 22 Apr 87)
   (Extend ASSOC-IF, etc.  to allow :KEY)
   Needs revision of current practice, test case, example.
   (Only Symbolics is known to implement this feature)

 - EVAL-DEFEATS-LINKER (Version 1, 12 Jun-87)
   ("selective linking" means GC non-used symbols; 
   proposal to change #., #, and part of FUNCTION-TYPE
   Wait on FUNCTION-TYPE, deal with #., #, changes independently.

 - GC-MESSAGES (version 1)
   (Control over unsolicited GC messages in typescript)
   merge with other controls for unsolicited messages?

 - OPEN-KEYWORDS (Version 1, 17-Jul-87)
   Discussion  9-Nov-87
   Questionable; needs stronger justification.

 - PEEK-CHAR-READ-CHAR-ECHO (Version 1, 3 March 87)
   (interaction between PEEK-CHAR, READ-CHAR and streams made by
   "Fixing echo streams is fine, but I don't think that
   it is appropriate for the standard to specify how terminal interaction
   must or even ought to work."

 - PROMPT-FOR (Version 1)
   (add new function which prompts)
   Tabled until re-submitted.

 - REQUIRE-PATHNAME-DEFAULTS (Version 1, 15-Oct-87)
   (where does REQUIRE look for files?)
   Doesn't really solve our problems?

   (Is #+68000, #-3600 allowed?)
   Mild disagreement: it is an error?
   Table until resubmitted

Non-Existent: Awaiting writer.

 - CONSTANT-SIDE-EFFECTS (not yet submitted)
   (It is an error to do destructive operations on constants in code,
   Discussed 12/86 - 1/87
   Need volunteer to submit.

   required to be disjoint from other types?)
   From CLOS committee, not yet submitted

 - DECLARATION-SCOPE (not yet submitted)
   (What is the scope of SPECIAL declarations?
   INLINE declarations? where can declarations be placed?)
   Discussed at length, but no formal proposals.

   What is the lexical environment of DEFTYPE, DEFINE-SETF bodies?
   Mail 11-12 Oct 87 on common-lisp

 - DEFSTRUCT-SLOTS-CONSTRAINTS (not yet submitted/issues file)
   (p 307) "Allow a call to DEFSTRUCT to have no slot-descriptions.
   Specify that it is an error for two slots in a single DEFSTRUCT to
   have the same name.  If structure A includes structure B, then no
   additional slot of A may have the same name as any slot of B."
   Need volunteer to sort out DEFSTRUCT issues post-CLOS.

 - DEFSTRUCT-DEFAULT-VALUE-EVALUATION (not yet submitted/issues file)
   (p 305) "The default value in a defstruct slot is not evaluated
   unless it is needed in the creation of a particular structure
   instance.  If it is never needed, there can be no type-mismatch
   error, even if the type of the slot is specified, and no warning
   should be issued."
   Need volunteer to sort out DEFSTRUCT issues post-CLOS.

 - DISASSEMBLE-SIDE-EFFECT (not yet submitted/from ISSUES.TXT)
   "Clarify that if DISASSEMBLE is given a symbol whose function
   definition is interpreted, that definition is indeed compiled
   and then disassembled, but the resulting compiled definition
   does not replace the interpreted one as the symbol's function
   Need volunteer to submit.

 - EQUAL-STRUCTURE (not yet submitted)
   (Mail Nov 87 on Common Lisp: EQUAL on DEFSTRUCT structures.)
   Need volunteer to submit.

 - EXPORT-COORDINATION (no formal proposal)
   Coordinate EXPORT and DEFxxx by adding new form.
   Is this a good idea to allow?
   Looking for proposal to make package manipulation lexical.

 - FILE-LENGTH-PATHNAME (not submitted, from ISSUES.TXT)
   (P 425) "Generalize FILE-LENGTH to accept any filename, not just
   an open file-stream.  Let it take a keyword argument :ELEMENT-TYPE,
   defaulting to STRING-CHAR for non-stream arguments and to the
   element-type of the stream for a stream argument."
   Need volunteer to write up.

 - FORMAT-COLON-UPARROW-SCOPE (not yet submitted)
   (what iteration does ~:â?? exit from?)
   Common-Lisp mailing list discussion

 - FORMAT-NEGATIVE-PARAMETERS (mail 19 May, no formal proposal)
   "format parameters are assumed to be non-negative integers except
    as specifically stated"
   Need volunteer to write up.

 - FUNCTION-TYPE-REST-LIST-ELEMENT (not yet submitted)
   (allow &rest <type> in function types to refer to element
   type rather than list)
   Disscussed at length in the past.
   Need volunteer to submit.

 - FUNCTION-SPECS (not yet submitted)
   (add "function specs" for defun, trace etc)
   Mail from Moon 16-Jun.

 - LISP-SYMBOL-REDEFINITION  (no formal proposal yet)
   Is it legal to redefine symbols in the LISP package?
   Mail 14-Aug-87

   (Add environment argument to MACRO-FUNCTION?)
   Formal proposal not yet submitted.
   re-extract from environment-arguments?
   CLOS notes say they need this?

 - PATHNAME-SUBDIRECTORY-LIST (Version 1, 18-Jun-87)
   How to deal with subdirectory structures in pathname functions?
   make :DIRECTORY a list?
   Need volunteer to rewrite.

   Mail Aug 87 discussion
   How to deal with logical devices, :unspecific components, etc
   in pathname functions
   RWK@YUKON.SCRC.Symbolics.COM may submit proposal.

 - SPECIAL-FORM-SHADOW (no formal proposal)
   (Is it OK to shadow a special form with FLET, LABELS, MACROLET?)
   In discussion, no formal proposal submitted.

   (P 328) "Remove the requirement that *STANDARD-INPUT*, etc., must
   be initially bound to synonym streams to *TERMINAL-IO*; demote
   this to the level of an implementation suggestion.  This is to
   allow flexibility of implementation, for example to allow UNIX
   redirection to win."
   Need volunteer to submit

 - STREAM-CLASS-ACCESS (No formal proposal)
   (Originally FOLLOW-SYNONYM-STREAM 19-DEC-86)
   Define stream accessors as if synonym-stream two-way-stream etc
   were CLOS classes?

   (access to slot accessors for DEFSTRUCT etc.)
   Need volunteer to write up

 - SUBSEQ-OUT-OF-BOUNDS (from ISSUES file, no formal proposal)
   (p 246) "Specify that it is an error for the SUBSEQ indices or any
   :START or :END argument have a negative index or point past the end
   of the sequence in question.  (With respect to whether signalling is
   required, this error will be treated the same as array out-of-bounds.)"
   Need volunteer to write up

 - TAILP-NIL (no formal proposal yet)
   (Operation of TAILP given NIL)
   Needs writeup in current format.

Hold: Awaiting action from another committee.

 - COMPILER-WARNING-BREAK (Version 2/7-Apr-87)
   (Does *BREAK-ON-WARNING* affect the compiler?)
   Questions on interaction with condition proposal. 
   Await error proposal

 - FILE-WRITE-DATE-IF-NOT-EXISTS (from Weinreb, no fromal proposal)
   (What does FILE-WRITE-DATE do if no such file?)
   "there should not be a formal proposal for fixing the file-write-date 
   ambiguity until we are at the point where we can make proposals
   that discuss signalling named conditions. "
   Awaiting error proposal.

 - IF-BODY (Version 7, 16-Jun-87)
   (extend IF to implicit progn if more than one ELSE form?)
   Draft released 16-Jun-87.
   Discussed at X3J13/Jun 87.
   Postpone pending resolution of policy on extensions

 - IGNORE-ERRORS (Version 4, 29-May-87)
   (Introduce error catcher) 
   Awaiting error proposal

   (What does C-META-H-X mean?)
   Forwarded to character committee.

Approved: No further action pending.

 - COMPILER-WARNING-STREAM (Version 6/ 5-Jun-87)
   (Compiler warnings are printed on *ERROR-OUTPUT*)
   Version 6 passed X3J13/Jun87.

   ((DEFVAR var) doesn't initialize)
   Version 4 passed X3J13, Jun87.

 - DEFVAR-INIT-TIME (Version 2/29-May-87)
   (DEFVAR initializes when evaluated, not later.)
   Version 2 passed X3J13/Jun87.

 - FLET-IMPLICIT-BLOCK (Version 6/ 5-Jun-87)
   (do FLETs have implicit named blocks around them?)
   Version 6 passed X3J13/Jun87.

 - FORMAT-ATSIGN-COLON (Version 4/5-jun-87)
   (@: == :@ in format)
   Version 4 passed X3J13/Jun87.

 - FORMAT-OP-C (Version 5/ 11-Jun-87)
   (What does ~C do?)
   Version 5 passed X3J13/Jun87.

 - IMPORT-SETF-SYMBOL-PACKAGE (Version 5, 11-Jun-87)
   (Does IMPORT affect home package?)
   Version 5 passed X3J13/Jun87.

 - PRINC-CHARACTER (Version 3)
   (PRINC behavior on character objections)
   Version 3 passed X3J13/Jun87.