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Re: Issue: PATHNAME-STREAM (Version 5)

    Date: 9 Nov 87 13:12 PST
    From: Masinter.pa@Xerox.COM

    I'd like to have this issue address in more detail what the "pathname"
    of a stream is and can be expected to do; I think that elucidating what
    we expect out of a pathname will help decide cases like synonym streams.

I disagree.  I think the issue is deciding what synonym streams are, not
deciding what pathnames are.  This is the same issue we had on the Common
Lisp mailing list long enough ago that I don't think it got into the
cleanup committee, where for some reason people seemed to be unable to
agree what CLOSE of a synonym stream means.  Since there is that big issue,
and since no one else is responding, maybe that means this seemingly
very simple issue is actually intractable.